We call Businam Club the space in our company that entrepreneurs have.
Those who are setting up their entrepreneurial projects, those who are training, organizing and joining efforts, under the premise: In this club they are engaged and prepared for the successful development of their individual and group projects, which with our guidance and supervision will surely be successful. In this aspect, it is relevant and decisive to avoid the deviation of agreements and fulfillments of each participating individual.
The concept of the club, from our point of view tries to define this space as a relaxed place, where the participants can develop activities, that have to do with the personal and group growth, where the neighbor is an equal disposed to share activities and the will that together surely, they are going to cross the way with less frustration, with more success and happiness.
Suggested options:
• Group day
• Up to 30 people, (8am to 5pm) more people are done in 2 days.
• Topics to be covered: Market analysis, organizational strategies, networking, procurement, financing, implementation, commercial area, commercial options, internet, design and publications.
• Check availability